Emmett, 2, is the first grandchild of Kelly's Croutons, so he obviously got roped in to be the face of it all. Lucky for us, he LOVES croutons. One of his favorite words is even "too-pawns!" He thinks everything could use an extra shake of parm, especially his favorite flavor, Smokey Chipotle!

Emmett's favorite ways to use Kelly's Cheezy Parm are: bagels with avocado & Just Crumbs, and any kind of pasta with Smokey Chipotle Parm! He also goes for straight spoonfuls of parm, right down the hatch! 

Our parms are packed full of B vitamins. They are cheesy and delicious, for even the youngest little taste buds! Not to mention Kelly's Cheezy Parms are always dairy free, gluten free, and soy free. They are a wonderful vegan cheese option that can be used on pastas, veggies, popcorn or anything you would put parmesan cheese on.