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Taco Tuesday Parm


Aloha Parm


What is Nutritional Yeast?

Nutritional yeast is a (delicious & healthy for you) deactivated yeast with a cheezy flavor that is described as nutty or creamy, which makes it a popular ingredient for cheese substitutes. Perfect for anyone who is dairy-free or vegan! .

Customer Reviews

Kelly's Croutons are so good that I always buy with the intention to put them on a salad, but I finish the bag before I ever get around to making the salad. Every single product is so amazing and flavorful, you can use it on almost anything! 


I eat Kelly's Croutons straight out of the bag, as if they were chips! BEST SNACK EVER!! 


Kelly's Croutons are life changing. They shouldn't even be in the same category as normal croutons. They are cheesy, buttery, garlicky, delicious squares of pure addiction!


I wish I had purchased 10 jars of Kelly's Parm in all the flavors - I'm almost out of the aloha parm and already filling up my online shopping cart! 


Every product of Kelly's Croutons is absolutely delicious! I can eat their croutons right out of the bag! 


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